We recognise that Colour, to this day, sits on stolen land. We live, work and play on land that was forcibly taken from Aboriginal people. To this day, there is no Treaty with our First Nations communities, who continue to be affected by, and resist, colonisation. We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people, on whose land all of our events take place, and invite First Nations patrons to contact us for tickets at any time. 

We acknowledge that racism exists, and that it is both conscious and unconscious. We understand that racism has normalised and legitimised systems that create advantage for some, and disadvantage for others. We recognise our responsibility to break down these systems, and have set clear, targeted objectives for 2021 and beyond, aimed at improving the inclusivity of all facets of our organisation. We stand against racism in all of its forms, not just passively, but by being actively anti-racist. 

At Colour, this process begins by improving the diversity in our booking practices. We continue to challenge ourselves to improve inclusivity with regard to our artist lineups, promoters and venue staff. We are committed to reaching out and offering a platform for new communities, rather than relying on the, at times, nepotistic nature of music programming. We encourage any BIPOC people to reach out to us if they are interested in having a career in music, or any other facet of what we do at Colour. We promise to dedicate time to mentoring those who are interested.

Above all, we welcome all feedback, at any time. We’re open to listening, learning and growing. Please contact us at if you have questions, queries or suggestions.